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A photo essay of LA

Photography and words : Bea Helman

This is a series of film photographs that I took over the course of a week in Los Angeles, right at the turn of winter to spring. It’s a time when things are starting to come to life, petals are unfurling and the air is soft. There’s something profoundly magical about a city that is so green, where trees are free to grow as tall as they want and flowers spill over fences. The relationship between human made architecture and the earth is such a specific and special one, and looking at the ways that they interact, organically and not, has always fascinated me. I grew up running around barefoot and searching for fallen chestnuts and spongey mushrooms in the woods and was always watching my mom plant seeds in the garden. As someone who now lives in a city made mostly of cement and brick, cities that are full of growing things that sprout out of every crack and climb over roofs have always had an aura of enchantment.